Monday, October 18, 2010

Frank's Ramblings: Influencers Trailer

So this is the inception of this series of posts where I'll infrequently offer two Abraham Lincoln's regarding something fun. The subject in question here is the Trailer for the upcoming film Influencers which is a look at our burgeoning culture, and how the microcosm of our esoteric interests is able to travel to the main-stream. This film is an expose about the transfer of ideas and creativity from few to many, and the mediums in which we achieve that namely, the Blogosphere. Like it or not, blogs, such as the one your reading right this moment have become a viable source of news, culture, and ideas and are a major source from which people draw ideas and inspiration. I'm not saying old Hype Floats is going to influence the next class of leaders, but the social transfer of media certainly will. Basically this film looks dope and features some extremely extroverted and intriguing personalities looking at the ways in which we perceive and transfer our personal tastes. One source that your boy writes for on an occasional basis is featured in the trailer, and I'll give you a hint, it's not GQ, A Continuous Lean, The Selby, The Sartorialist, nor Inventory, though those are all upstanding online publications.

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