Friday, September 9, 2011

Frank's Ramblings: Nike Back For The Future

This has got absolutely nothing to do with music, so if you find that off putting use whatever medium of scrolling you're most comfortable with and mosey on. If you surf the interweb, you're probably aware that Nike has re-released the kicks from Back To The Future II, the Nike Air Mag to be precise. If you're not afflicted with the sneaker disease, you may not be privy to the incredible amount of buzz that has surrounded the potential re-release of this shoe since before you were born, in 1985. We got our closest taste back in 2008 with the McFly Hyper Dunk, but due to copy right legalities with Universal, the closest Nike could come is the color palette inspired by the film.

Without the pomp and posturing of a roll-out, Nike dropped the official Nike Air Mag under cover of night yesterday. They enlisted Doc Brown, Kevin Durant, Bill Hader, and Nike VP of design Tinker Hatfield on the promo and even alluded to the self-lacing system which is absent on this release, but apparently impending for 2015. While all of this probably excites you a lot less than it does me, one would have to agree that the branding and promotional push with this lightning quick drop has been incredibly succinct, as one has come to expect with the swoosh. By leaving that sentence vague with 'one' as the subject in lieu of 'you', you're actually not able to disagree, get it? The heart warming element of this entire story is that Michael J. Fox was involved from the get go and all proceeds benefit his foundation for Parkinson's research. There's 1500 pairs available, so forget about that down payment on well anything and go grab a shoe that can't be referred to as the most famous sneaker never made anymore. Though I'm a 12-steps graduate of sneaker addiction, this ebay hosted web page is almost too much to bear.

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