Sunday, January 1, 2012

Frank's 2011 Top 14 Songs to Listen to or Whatever

Just like the Patagonia and mustache combination pictured above, not all of these tunes are from 2011. In fact one of them isn't even from the 2000s, but as you may have surmised I'm not a stickler. Not to be outdone by blog boy and his itimized, curated, list of 50+ songs, I picked out 14 that I really dig. They're listed above, and if you're averse to comic-sans, you can enjoy the tracklist after the jump. If it's good enough for Toney Montana (Al Pacino) it's good enough for me.


1. Chiddy Bang: Mind Your Mannersin 
2. The Throne: Niggas in Paris
3. Jai Paul: BTSU
4. Drake: I Get Lonely Too
5. Lil Wayne feat. Drake: With You
6. Warren Zevon: Werewolves in London
7. A$AP Rocky: Back To The Future
8. Asher Roth: Gotta Get Up
9. Kendrick Lamar: Rigamortous
10. Pusha-T: What Dreams Are Made Of
11. Young Jeezy: I Do
12. Lana Del Rey: Video Games
13. Theophilus London: I Stand Alone
14. Childish Gambino: Got This Money

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