Monday, January 9, 2012

Frank's Ramblings: #KobeSystem

In addition to having a love for A$AP Roc....I mean hip-hop, I'm also intrigued by Parisian sensibilities, late 90s wrestling, and sneakers. To avoid losing any more twitter followers in the new year, I'm going to limit myself to sneakers on this one. As you may or may not have caught wind, the latest iteration of prominent and promiscuous Nike Zoom Kobe has made its way to sneaker shelves, and as they have a penchant for doing - Nike has unleashed a digital marketing campaign that's the bees freaking knees. Thus far they've enlisted the likes of Aziz Ansari, P-Rod, and of course Mr. never met a jump shot or air-line stewardess (sorry I couldn't think of a sensible quip that rhymed with jump shot) he didn't like himself. The campaign goes by #KobeSystem and #BoomTown could learn a thing or two from the boys in beaverton. If you've been bored by the prose up until this point, you probably should have stopped reading like three sentences ago. More visuals after the hop.

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