Monday, March 12, 2012

Action Bronson & Party Supplies: Blue Chips (Mixtape)

This is one of the first mixtapes in quite some time that I was compelled to listen to completion. I was first made aware of Action following Thanksgiving 2011 when I was scouring the internet in a pumpkin pie induced sloth state and came across this video. Upon watching the video I thought 2 things, the first of which was hey I'd like to grow a beard just like that, the second being that looks like a good fucking sandwich. As it turns out, Action is a QB (not the quarter back) bred, gourmet chef turned rapper, and Party Supplies is some Fool's Gold DJ. This mixtape is a monster, and it would behoove you to click the download link. If you don't like this tape you're obviously team Blogman, and i hate you.

"I been wilin' since the Rabbi snipt it"


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