Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Frank's Ramblings: Lady Maverick: Part-Time Producer and Poker Player

Vanessa Rousso throws down in music and at the tables

Some of you may know her as Lady Maverick, a DJ/producer hailing from Las Vegas with a penchant for crafting trap bangers. Others, however, may know her better as Vanessa Rousso, an attractive blonde woman who's been known to take down some of the best poker players on the planet. However you know her—or don't just yet—let it be known that she's one hell of a double-threat.

As a musical artist, she's somewhat difficult to track down, through her Soundcloud page offers up some samples of what she's been up to these past few years. Most recently, she's embraced the very much of-these-times trap sound, which she handles with some grace on her latest track. It's a remix of Timbaland's 2009 track, "Morning After Dark," which stems from his Shock Value II album and features Nelly Furtado and SoShy. While her take on the song pushes, pulls, and bangs the original around, there's still enough of Tim's signature sound floating through the hi-hats and kicks to keep it recognizable.

You can check out the remix below.

What's interesting is how much the web has clearly influenced her passions. On the music front, she's got her aforementioned Soundcloud that's poppin' with new material every few weeks or so. And on that page, she can share her latest songs with the world to receive feedback from listeners or gain more exposure on music blogs. On the poker front, she can easily just log into Betfair's poker site and practice her talents against tens of thousands of other players. As it turns out, she's been an avid online gamer for years now and even took home an impressive $700,000 for her second-place finish at the World Championship of Online Poker back in 2007.

More recently, though, she's primarily focused on taking down her opponents in a real-life setting. Just last month, she won first place in the NHL Alumni Charity Poker Tournament—for the second year in a row! And when she's not doing that, she's serving as an inspiration for other would-be female poker stars by hosting lectures and boot camp-like clinics. The Duke University graduate (and high school valedictorian) has also made some waves with her looks. As referenced here, she even found a spot in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition back in 2009. Hmm, could being a model actually make her a triple-threat? Yeah, that sounds about right.

You can give a listen to another one of her tracks, "WeMust(n't)OutDoOurselves," by going here. If you're a house/trance fan, chances are you'll enjoy that one more than the one we embedded above.

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