Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Introducing Streaming Music Comunity


The future of music is streaming. Current culture dictates new singles are release on YouTube or SoundCloud weeks, even months before they’re available on licensed streaming/purchasing platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Rdio). Current advanced streaming platforms (Songdrop, whyd) provide a digital space for users to curate music streaming collections, without the social component essential to discovering new music. is a new, innovative social network for music lovers to discover, collect, and (most importantly) share new music streaming across the internet. makes it easy to digitally shelve custom record collections via third party hosts (blogs, e-zines, YouTube, SoundCloud), eliminating the need to rely on license services to experience and share tracks with friends. users can share new music via the Dropp bookmark button, while receiving exponentially more new music selections from’s social feed. archives and organizes individual music collections into playlists, while simultaneously engaging users with the larger music community, based on which tracks are trending and topping the charts. is Pinterest for music lovers, making organizational sense out of vast music collections amassed all over the web while introducing users to a whole host of new music they would ordinarily never discover.

Founded in the summer of 2012 by Boston University alum, and indie music producer, Parker Lieberman, the NYC-based startup is launching public beta on April 15th. Lieberman’s mission is “to prove music lovers haven’t yet experienced a truly social music platform - until now.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to review. If you’re interested in doing a story on how the company is disrupting the world of music streaming with a uniquely social solution please contact Parker Lieberman via email at


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